Kingdoms & Warfare Hardcover Preorders on Pause

Hi everyone,

We've temporarily paused taking preorders for the Kingdoms & Warfare hardcover book. As we're beginning to ship out backer rewards and nearing fulfillment of shop preorders, it's important that we keep enough extra in our warehouse to take care of folks if their books were sent to the wrong address or arrived damage. It's been great to see how popular the Kingdoms & Warfare books is on the shop, but turns out it can be a bit of a double-edged sword!

Unfortunately our printer (as well as every other one we've been in touch with) is still severely impacted with the supply chain issues that have been plaguing us since 2020, and those don't seem to be significantly lessening — at least not for the printing industry. Many, many printers were forced to close their doors over the past two years or were absorbed by other printers who then took on their clients which has pushed out scheduling for when we can get restocked.

We're still working with our printer on nailing down a timeline and also considering other methods we can use to get the book in your hands until that restock is completed (maybe a second wave of preorders, or print-on-demand if their quality is to our standards, etc.).

Either way, we'll let you know when the K&W hardcovers become available on the shop again as well as which solution we ended up going with so you know exactly what you're getting when you make your order.

As a reminder, the stand-alone Kingdoms & Warfare PDF is available right now and as soon as you finish checking out you'll be able to download and use the file.

Thanks for your patience while we get this all figured out! :)