The Talent and Psionics

The Talent and Psionics is coming before the end of 2023.

This fifth edition supplement features MCDM’s next class, the talent—a hero that uses mind powers to battle monsters and overcome obstacles. This is the MCDM take on the psion!

Characters with extraordinary mental powers not derived from prayer or magic feature in many of our favorite stories—Eleven from Stranger Things, Professor X or Jean Grey from the X-Men. Many of Stephen King’s stories, like Dead Zone or Firestarter, feature pyrokinetics or telekinetics. The Talent and Psionics gives you rules to build these characters.

Talents don’t use spell slots. Instead when you manifest a power you might gain strain. At first, strain isn’t anything more than an annoyance, but as it accumulates, it becomes more debilitating. Accumulating a lot of strain can actually kill a talent! It’s up to them to decide. How desperate is the situation? How badly do you need to succeed? How much are you willing to sacrifice to save your friends—or the world? The power is in your hands.