Kingdoms & Warfare - Current Preorder Status

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in our previous post, we've created this blog as a way to provide up-to-date information specifically for those with shop preorders since the fulfillment timeline is different than the Kickstarter pledges (which means the backer updates about shipping won't be relevant to you).

Originally we hoped to be able to ship preorders at the same time as backer rewards, but after testing some smaller batches of Kickstarter shipments we've realized that the current volume the fulfillment warehouse can handle isn't high enough for us to send all the orders at once. The warehouse is still operating under COVID safety guidelines (which we're in full support of) and that means they can only have so many folks on the floor to put together packages and ship them out. They're also still handling our normal volume of in-stock shop orders, so on weeks where there are less shop orders we'll be able to get more preorders sent out (and vice versa).

Since the Kickstarter pledges were created before we opened preorders on the shop, we're going to be shipping those out first and once they're dispatched the shop preorders will start being sent out. Based on how many packages the warehouse is currently handling on a weekly basis, our estimate is that all US backers' rewards will be fulfilled by early May so that's our current target for when shop preorders will start shipping. It's always possible that if safety guidelines loosen that could help us ship more quickly, but for now that's an estimate we're confident in and we'll let you all know if that changes.

We know this is later than what anyone had planned for, and hope to have your understanding and patience as we've been trying to roll with the punches since COVID turned everything upside down.

We've added some info below that we hope will help things go more smoothly with receiving your preorder, so please take a few minutes to review in case any of it's relevant to you.

Thank you so much! We'll post another update when we have more to share.

How to Update Your Shipping Address

If you need to update your preorder shipping address we've added a new feature to the shop that gives you the ability to do that yourself, rather than having to submit a support ticket and wait for a reply (which is quite a lengthy process at the moment, as we're overloaded with both Kickstarter backer and shop preorder requests).

As long as your order hasn't been marked as shipped/fulfilled, you can log into your account, click on your order, and on the bottom right will be a link that says "UPDATE SHIPPING ADDRESS". Click that and you'll be taken to a page where you can enter the updated address. Once you save it your order page will update with that info.

If you don't have an MCDM Shop account, no worries! Locate your order confirmation email and there's a link inside that'll take you to your order status page. Click that link and underneath your shipping address is the same button.

If you had sent an email to us requesting to have us update this info, please try this out and if you're able to update it respond to that email to let us know. This'll help us identify if we can move onto the next person who needs help with something they can't take care of themselves! :)

Shipping Email Notifications

Once a shipping label has been created for your preorder in EasyShip, you'll receive an email with a tracking number from "" (the sender name will be "MCDM"). The subject will be "Your order [order #] has been prepared!". Oh, make sure to add that email address to your contacts so it doesn't accidentally get sent to your spam folder, too!

Set Up Delivery Updates from Couriers

Most US rewards will be shipped through UPS or USPS. We recommend that you set up shipping alerts once you've received your tracking number email, and even more strongly recommend signing up for one of the online tools below depending on which courier is going to be delivering it:

  • UPS My Choice™: The basic version is free and will alert you about all packages being delivered by UPS to your address, and there is also a subscription option that gives you access to more tools that you'd normally have to pay for a la carte with their free version. Stuff like getting your package delivered on a different day, having it redirected to a different address, etc. which you might find useful.
  • USPS Informed Delivery®: This is also a free tool that will alert you about all mail and packages being delivered by USPS. It also has tools that let you reschedule and redirect packages if needed.