Shipping policy

Our shipping policy is in progress...

In the meantime, just know that if you preorder any products from our store, we will make every effort to list on the product's page when the estimated ship date is for the physical good(s). Sometimes that may be many months from now, or we may not yet have a locked-in date for when shipping will begin; if this isn't something that sits well with you, please hold off on preordering as we'll be selling the product at a later date where you should receive it shortly after successfully purchasing it.

If you create an order with both preorder items (such as the Kingdoms & Warfare book) and items we normally have in-stock (such as the Strongholds & Followers book), our fulfillment center will not process your order until all items are in stock. If you'd like to get your copy of Strongholds & Followers before Kingdoms & Warfare is ready to ship, you'll need to put in two separate orders. Please note that you'll still receive the Strongholds & Followers PDF as soon as your order is done processing.

If you need help, please send us an email: