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MCDM E-Gift Card

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The MCDM E-Gift Card
E-Gift Cards are hand-delivered by the MCDM shop kitties in a visually-pleasing, artisanally-crafted, eco-friendly email. Don't forget to check your junk, spam, or Promotions tab if you use Gmail — the kitties can't comprehend human technology, so they have a tendency to distribute things willy-nilly.

Once it's safe and sound in your email, you'll see that your e-gift card includes a unique code. You can use this unique code during checkout on the payment screen. Just enter it into the field that says "Discount Code" on the right side and hit "Apply". Pretty straightforward, we hope!

You can also send this unique code to someone else so they can use it (either by email, IM, DM, SMS, carrier pigeon, etc.)! Once they get their MCDM account set up, they'll be able to peruse the store, load up with goodies, and use the code at checkout for a sweet discount thanks to your generosity. Keep in mind that sales tax will be calculated at checkout, so your giftee may need to cover that portion of the purchase depending on where they live.

Oh, and if you don't use the entire balance, keep the code hidden safely within your stronghold so you can use it next time (we'll be adding more items in the new year)! It'll expire once you use up all the funds on it.


  • To purchase or use an E-Gift Card, you must be signed into your MCDM account. If you don't already have one, you can create one here. It's mostly painless!
  • Even though E-Gift Cards are a digital product, you will need to have a shipping address linked to your account, and will be asked for it at checkout.
  • Delete your gift card email, or never received it in the first place? Please email the MCDM humans at: